International Expansion

For many years BlackInc has successfully helped companies, in markets across the globe (including in England, Israel, China, India, and more), expand their businesses into the U.S. and other markets. Additionally, we have helped many U.S. companies with strategic expansion into EMEA, Asia Pacific, South America, and beyond.

BlackInc brings significant experience with both U.S. and overseas operations to our clients, and helps them to rapidly and cost-effectively expand into new markets with the following services:

  • Experienced consulting on important decisions, to ensure no wasted time or expenses.

  • Strategic advice and a valuable sounding board during key developmental stages.

  • Timely access to in-market relationships to secure important early partnerships.

  • Knowledge of the intricacies of local business operations.

  • Navigating complex compliance issues, unique to each market.

  • Assistance with initial critical hires.

If your company is considering entering the U.S. market, or expanding overseas from the U.S., please contact BlackInc to learn how we can be your trusted partner in these endeavors.


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