Brand / Sales Development

Would your company benefit from personal access to brands and/or advertising agencies?  If so, BlackInc can help grow your revenue and business.

Our Work with Publishers

Since our founding in 2003, BlackInc has worked with leading media operators, as well as large companies who possess significant consumer audiences, to help monetize their users via partnerships, advertising, and sponsorship sales (including American Express, HuffPost, CNET, Newsweek, Purch, Martini Media and more).  These engagements have included both strategic planning (revenue operations, ad product, and sales strategy), as well as execution-level sales outreach.

Our Work with Solutions Providers

We’ve helped many clients who provide technology, revenue, and marketing solutions to brands and advertising agencies, to get connected and sign partnership deals.  These engagements have typically involved a combination of go-to-market strategy and tactical partner development efforts.